Terms of use

'Like' Japan! (hereinafter the "website") operated by Yokoso Australia Pty Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "company") takes extreme care with personal information gained from users through usage of the website and acts to protect and manage that information.

Rules and manners for use

Please cooperate with us for etiquette compliance to prevent crime and other problems when using the Internet and this website. When conducting transactions through the Internet, including this website, users need to recognise their own responsibility for the risks associated with transactions, as well as social responsibility and legal liability, and act accordingly. There is also a possibility that users may unknowingly cause discomfort to third parties, or become a perpetrator or victim in unexpected places. The website will not be responsible for any statements or articles posted by users. The website has a set of rules and behavior that is prohibited (detailed below) while you are using the website.

1. The website prohibits the following types of remarks and article publication.

A) Illegal and socially inappropriate remarks and articles which act contrary to public order or morals
B) Defamation, libel, invasion of privacy and intimidation
C) Remarks and articles which make any third party feel uncomfortable by being defamatory, harassing, indecent or otherwise offensive
D) Violent, cruel or discriminatory content
E) Content related to selling, rentals, or transfer of assets
F) Impersonating others, or content leading others to mistake your identity
G) Information the user has no legitimate rights to expose, in terms of copyright, trademark rights or trade secrets
H) Publication of information related to the privacy of a third party without the permission of that third party
I) Advertising, sales or solicitation of products, services or pyramid schemes in areas other than those designated within the site
J) Spreading rumors, employing fraudulent means, damage to credit, obstruction of business
K) Comments that conflict with election law or actions resembling election campaigning
L) Solicitation of specific religious groups
M) Any other kind of remarks or articles in addition to those stated above which interfere with the smooth operation of the website and cause trouble for a third party
N) Any remarks or articles recognised by the website as inappropriate

2. Please take personal responsibility for complying with the following.

A) Conform to the same standards of conduct as in the real world
B) Respect the privacy of third parties
C) Ensure careful management of your customer ID and password
D) Refrain from raising a third party's mistake or breach of etiquette in an exaggerated way

3. Note the following when posting remarks and articles

A) When including an excerpt from books or magazines, please make sure that it appears exactly as written in the original text, specify the source (name of book, magazine, issue number) and clearly state the citation range. Also, when using excerpts from websites, please indicate the source URL of the excerpt.
B) With regard to uploading photos of a person, make sure that you have the right to publish an image of that person.
C) The copyright of articles posted on the website by a third party belongs to the third party. It is prohibited to republish the article without consent of the third party. The website will delete the article without notice if you breach any of the above conditions and the website recognises the article as inappropriate. Also, if you do not follow the rules or engage in prohibited behaviour, the website will take necessary measures, including suspension of bulletin board usage, commenting on the blog and noticeboard, or suspension of your account. The website will not be liable for damages resulting from this action.

'Usage rules and manners' may change without notice. Users are deemed to have agreed to the 'usage rules and manners' when using the services of this website.


Yokoso Australia (hereinafter the "company") shall not be responsible for defects in services of 'Like' Japan! (hereinafter the "website") or losses and damage incurred by said defects.

1. The company does not guarantee completeness, authenticity or usefulness of the information provided by the company or third parties through services of the website.

2. The company is not responsible for any damages, regardless of its content and form, to customers directly or indirectly as a result of the company's actions related to use of the website services or in accordance with the terms of use. Customers shall not make a claim for such damages.

3. In the event of a dispute between the users and third parties related to use of the website's services, it is the responsibility of parties involved to resolve the dispute. Parties involved shall not make a claim against the company for any damages.

Copyright, etc

Copyright of the information provided by the company on the website belongs to the company, and it is prohibited to reuse it or sell it without the company's permission.
The company strives to effectively manage the services of the website. However, when browsing and collecting information through the website, please take responsibility for confirming whether it meets your demands, and that you have the necessary legal rights with regards to information storage, replication or any other personal usage. Please take responsibility for abiding by regulations on copyright, secrecy and defamation, maintaining the high quality of goods, following export regulations, or any other legal obligations.